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-We will use Twitter during the meeting to facilitate discussions among large numbers of participants. \\ 
-** Please signup and participate - you can delete the account after the meeting.** 
-You can tweet during the town meeting to contribute a comment or a question. We will collect tweets by topic and make them available to the working groups to deal with them.  
-This is a mechanism to deal with limited discussion time and allow a broader audience to provide input. If you want to ask a question or comment, and there is no time in the discussion session, please just tweet. ​ 
-=== Go to Twitter === 
-  * **iPhone**: download Twitter app, sign in or get an account 
-  * **Web browser**: goto [[http://​]],​ sign in or get an account 
-=== To See the Town Meeting Tweets === 
-  * go to #discover 
-  * in search field enter the Town Meeting hashtag (ask the organizers if you don't have it anymore) 
-  * hit search 
-=== To Tweet === 
-  * hit the "​write"​ button in the upper right corner 
-  * write your tweet and include the Town Meeting hashtag anywhere (ask the organizers if you don't have it anymore) 
-  * hit the "​Tweet"​ button 
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