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Type Ias, Novae and X-ray bursts

  • What are the major recent accomplishments?
  • What are the specific compelling open questions? (Unexplained observations, problems in theoretical modeling, etc)
  • How can one address these open questions? What are the high impact nuclear experiments, observations, theoretical studies that need to be done?
  • What kinds of experiments, theoretical work, and observations are needed?
  • In which direction should this area evolve in light of expected new observational, theoretical, and experimental capabilities?
  • How does this subfield intersect with other subfields? (For example, is there work needed in other subfields to move this subfield forward)

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Invited Short Summary Talks

(15 + 5 minutes)

Presenter Topic Presentation file(s)
Peter Hoflich SNe Ia ppt file / pdf file
Hendrik Schatz XRBs ppt file / pdf file
Sumner Starrfield novae pptx file / pdf file
Michael Smith modeling and nuclear experiments pdf file
Contributed 2-3 slide talks
Presenter Topic Presentation file(s)
Grisha Rogachev ANASEN detector at FRIB pdf file
Draft Summary Document
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