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Stars and stellar evolution

Please see the two links at the bottom of this page to Library and Slide Contributions. If you want to add anything to this Working Group please send an email to

As a starting point for the discussion the conveners have put together the following themes that are meant to initiate further input. Please contact any of the conveners, or post a message here in order to provide input. Participants of this and other WGs are invited to provide 1-slide input.

Themes of this WG

  • Stellar evolution: Convection (H/He mixing particular at low Z), Mass loss, Effect of progenitor evolution on explosion, Rotation
  • 3D stellar hydro
  • How to deal with nuclear physics uncertainties in stars?
  • Validation of models
    • Assessing model and nuclear physics uncertainty in a quantitative way
    • Validation data: grains, astronomy observations, including asteroseismology
    • Validation approaches: simultaneous application of many constraints to break degeneracy

Program of the WG

Chair: Art Champagne

  • Stellar evolution and validation: Challenges and needs (Chieffi, 12+12)
  • 3D stellar hydro: What can be realistically done? (Woodward, 8+8)
  • Nuclear Physics: Oppportunities & Directions (20+20)
    • Unstable nuclear physics experiments (Rehm)
    • n-capture (Couture)
    • quiescent burning (Wiescher)
    • SN progenitor (Tang)
  • Grains and validation (Davis, 5+5)
  • Open discussion (Chair: Herwig, 30): Things to discuss include
    • What are the major recent accomplishments?
    • What are the specific compelling open questions? (Unexplained observations, problems in theoretical modeling, etc)
    • How can one address these open questions? What are the high impact nuclear experiments, observations, theoretical studies that need to be done?
    • What kinds of experiments, theoretical work, and observations are needed?
    • In which direction should this area evolve in light of expected new observational, theoretical, and experimental capabilities?
    • How does this subfield intersect with other subfields? (For example, is there work needed in other subfields to move this subfield forward)

Summary of the WG

Other Pages

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