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Input from the "Structure of Light Nuclei" workshop at the INT, October 8-12, 2012 (workshop participant list and talk schedule)

Questions asked to the workshop participants via email

  1. What major developments in nuclear theory relevant for astrophysics do you expect in the next 10 years?
    • This might include a list of expected capabilities (e.g., ab initio EOS or masses or S-factors or asymptotic normalizations or ??? using abc method for xxx nuclei or yyy reactions to zzz accuracy).
    • Please identify what you think are the most important open questions or needed capabilities. (See the “Challenges for nuclear theory” bullets from a 1999 white paper excerpt that addressed this issue.)
  2. Where are the intersections (of nuclear theory) with other areas (relevant for astrophysics)?
  3. What can be done to maximize the impact of nuclear theory developments on astrophysics?

First responses are collected here.

Capabilities, plans, and links to talks for structure/reaction inputs and methods.

The combined astrophysics and nuclear theory working groups have compiled a list of Theory Needs for Dense Matter and Neutron Stars. Linked here are comments on these needs by participants in the INT workshop.

Panel report on Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions from the 2009 white paper “Scientific Grand Challenges: Forefront Questions in Nuclear Science and the Role of Computing at the Extreme Scale”. James Vary notes: “This document presented a set of consensus views which include the interface of ab initio structure/reactions with nuclear astrophysics and is intended to suggest leading research areas in the era contemplated by the upcoming town meeting. Of course, the areas chosen are those with a significant computational component so it is limited in that sense.”

Summary from 2009 white paper and comments

Questions from the Nuclear Theory for Astrophysics working group

Link to the “Nuclear Theory for Astrophysics” working group (convenors: Gail McLaughlin, Filomena Nunes)

note that the nuclear theory working group is merged with the astrophysics theory working group

  • What can developments at the forefront of nuclear theory do for nuclear astrophysics?
  • What will be needed to translate nuclear theory advances into improved theoretical data for nuclear astrophysics?
  • What are the pathways to better global models that can predict properties of all nuclei?

Relevant talks

Please make suggestions for online talks that address nuclear theory for astrophysics.

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