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Neutron stars and dense matter

  • What are the specific compelling open questions? (Unexplained observations, problems in theoretical modeling, etc)
  • How can one address these open questions? What are the high impact nuclear experiments, observations, theoretical studies that need to be done?
  • What kinds of experiments, theoretical work, and observations are needed?
  • In which direction should this area evolve in light of expected new observational, theoretical, and experimental capabilities?
  • How does this subfield intersect with other subfields? (For example, is there work needed in other subfields to move this subfield forward)


Please contact the organizers if you wish to give a short presentation.

Speaker Talk time Cumulative time Materials
M. Prakash (Chair) (5 min) 5 min -
Bob Rutledge (10 min) 15 minPDF
Ingrid Stairs (10 min) 25 minPDF
Nathalie Degenaar (10 min) 35 minPPT
Andrew Steiner (10 min) 45 min PDF
Umesh Garg (10 min) 55 min PDF
Betty Tsang (10 min) 65 minPPT
Bill Lynch (5 min) 70 min PPT
Simin Mahmoodifar (5 min) 75 min PDF
Tod Strohmayer (5 min) 80 minPPT
Open Discussion (40 min) 120 min
Sanjay Reddy Plenary session talk PDF
Vill Lynch Working group summary PDF
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