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Stable beams and gamma beams

  • What will current and future facilities be able to do for nuclear astrophysics?
  • What equipment and other infrastructure will be needed to take advantage of the opportunities?
  • What new facilities or upgrades are needed?

Summary Report

Tentative Program

Organizers - Carl Brune, Christian Iliadis, Michael Wiescher

Speaker Title Talk Time Materials
Michael Wiescher Introduction (15 min) PPT
Bob Tribble ANC Methods (5 min)
Kerstin Sonnabend Gamma Beams (5 min) PDF
Manoel Couder Recoil Separators (5 min) PPT
Antonios Kontos Gas Target Systems (5 min)PPT Movies in zip file
Art Champagne Low-Energy Experiments (5 min) PPT
Carl Brune Neutron Detection (5 min) PDF
Claudio Ugalde Liquid Targets & Gamma Beams (5 min) PDF
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