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Adopted statement to the NSAC Long Range Plan Implementation Subcommittee on behalf of participants in the 2012 Nuclear Astrophysics Town Meeting

Expeditious construction of the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) is the highest nuclear physics priority for the nuclear astrophysics community.

Rare isotope data obtained with the unique and unprecedented capabilities of FRIB will be key to the understanding of the origin of the elements, stellar explosions, and the nature of neutron stars. FRIB ensures that the US scientific community remains at the forefront of interdisciplinary efforts that connect and advance the development of ground- and space-based astronomical observatories, nuclear and accelerator physics and high-performance computing.

The urgency of these motivations was reiterated in the 2012 Decadal Study of the National Research Council “Exploring the Heart of Matter”. We endorse the urgency for constructing FRIB expressed in the report in the strongest possible terms.

Question addressed by working group on RIBS, Neutrons

  1. What will current and future facilities be able to do for nuclear astrophysics?
  2. What equipment and other infrastructure will be needed to take advantage of the opportunities?
  3. What new facilities or upgrades needed?

Program of the working group session

Session Chair - Aaron Couture

Presenter Topic/Title Allocated time Presentation file(s)
R. Kruecken Overview of ongoing RIB projects of relevance to astrophysics in North America 20 min pptx file (pdf file)
J. Clark Astrophysics experiments at CARIBU 10 min ppt file (pdf file)
P. Koehler Neutron facilities for astrophysics: an overview 15 min pdf file / suppl. pdf file
A. Ratkewicz Surrogate Reactions for Neutron Capture 10 min pptx file (pdf file)
K. Sonnabend The FRANZ neutron facility 5 min pptx file / pdf file
D. Bardayan Astrophysics Measurements at FRIB 20 min pptx file (pdf file)
Discussions 40 min
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