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Data and Codes

  • What is needed to evaluate and transform nuclear data, astronomy data, and codes reliably and efficiently so that they can be used in nuclear astrophysics.
  • What are the best evaluation procedures and how can they be developed and implemented?
  • How should information be distributed – formats?
  • What additional public codes are needed and how should one develop them?

Invited Short Summary Talks

(15 + 5 minutes)

Online resources for Nuclear Astrophysics - Michael S Smith, ORNL

Online Resources

NNDC services - Boris Pritychenko, NNDC / BNL

NNDC Web Services

Astrophysics modeling - data needs and codes - Brad Meyer, Clemson Univ.

Astrophysics modeling - data needs and codes

Evaluations - Richard Cyburt, MSU

Data Evaluations

Contributed talks

(10 min + 5 min)

EMPIRE CODE - Annalia Palumbo

EMPIRE** updated 10/16/12

Discussion Session

Data and Code Survey - Richard Cyburt, MSU

Working group notes - Chris Sullivan, NSCL/MSU Working group lecture and discussion notes

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