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Questions which we will attempt to answer in this WG are:

  1. What can ongoing, upcoming, or future planned missions or observatories do for nuclear astrophysics?
  2. What are the nuclear-astrophysics arguments to emphasize in any such observing proposal?
  3. Can we define priorities among the above? Can we identify key observations to advance specific aspects of nuclear astrophysics?
  4. What do we need to do to maximize the impact of these observations on nuclear astrophysics?
  5. Should we stimulate and support a proposal of broader scope, such as a new instrument/mission in any of the above wavelength ranges?

In the WG, astronomy is understood to cover the astronomy fields of radio, sub-mm, IR, optical, UV, X-ray, and gamma-ray bands as well as neutrino and gravitational wave astronomy and the studies on meteorites and presolar grains therein.

The astrophysics questions to be addressed (with details as addressed in the plenary talks) are:

  • Supernova explosion astrophysics
  • Stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis
  • Sources where nuclear-reaction impacts are significant (e.g. Type-I XRBs, SMBHs)
  • Understanding cosmic abundance evolution (as seen in stars, ISM(z), IGM)

The WG Session will have three parts:

  1. Assess the particular strengths and potential for nuclear astrophysics constraints in the different fields of astronomy.
  2. Map the astrophysical questions from nuclear astrophysics (i.e. the source and nucleosynthesis/chemical-evolution theories discussed in the plenary talks) onto the capabilities of astronomy.
  3. Assess priorities for astronomical measurements, and assess actions to pursue those.

We would encourage and invite WG participants to help us assemble the required arguments, information, and graphs, for this WG. Please send to the WG coordinators by email, if you can. Thank you all.

Meeting Slides and Summary (ppt)


See this link for a Google Doc summarizing the discussion (which may be updated over time) or this link for a pdf version (which will likely not be up-to-date).

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