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Astro theory

  1. Roundtable: reports from the science working groups. What are the theoretical efforts needed to advance each area? Are there common thematic goals?
    1. Stars and stellar evolution
    2. CCSNe, mergers, neutrinos (see Here)
      • Inputs need more improvements
      • Neutrino properties: interactions, transport, mixings
      • 3D simulations are needed
      • Going both directions are important: simulation and theory
      • Electron capture and beta decay difficult for heavy mass in theoretical calculations (shell model not available)
      • Need calculations for High T (from several to tens of MeV) and high density environment; partition functions should be calculated for these cases
      • DFT, may be a possible solution for above requirements
      • Neutron rich nuclei are important for simulations
      • Better weak rates with better accuracy are needed either from theory or experiments
      • One needs a unified picture for weak rate of all cases: nuclei and nuclear matter
      • Neutrino flavor mixing in supernovae and neutron stars simulations can be difficult
      • Sterile neutrinos should also to be taken into considerations
    3. Neutron stars and dense matter (see this link,Collision Experiments (By Bill Lynch) )
      • Calculations should be brought forward from Static properties to transport properties
    4. Thermonuclear explosions: XRBs, novae, Ia SNe
      • Weak rates are important
      • Challenges of Numerical modeling: Type Ia expoision
      • Classic novae observation
      • Open source for 1D simulation
      • Possible mixing from first principle
    5. First stars, GCE (see this link)
  2. Are there anticipated observational and experimental developments for which theoretical preparation is needed?
  3. How can astro theory be better connected to the nuclear groups (theory and experiments) and the needs of the field of nuclear astrophysics as a whole?
  4. What is needed to ensure that we make good progress? Are there theory “infrastructure” needs?

Because of the strong overlap between theory and computation, the theory working group(s) will merge with the astro computation group during the last 45 minutes of the session. Room TBA

Open questions in nuclear theory
  • What can developments at the forefront of nuclear theory do for nuclear astrophysics?
  • What will be needed to translate nuclear theory advances into improved theoretical data for nuclear astrophysics?
  • What are the pathways to better global models that can predict properties of all nuclei?

Email slides, reports, etc. to Dong-Liang Fang

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