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We invite you to put on your blue-sky, no limits, visionary hat while participating in the “Astro Computation” Working Group session from 10am - 12:00pm on Wednesday October 10 during the upcoming 2012 Nuclear Astrophysics Town Meeting. Our tentative agenda

We are interested in the intersection of these topics (and many others!) with

  • High-Performance Computing
  • High-Memory Computing
  • High-Throughput Computing
  • Hadoop Map-Reduce Computing
  • Community-Driven Social Computing
  • Big Data Initiatives
  • Next Generation Internet Capabilities

to help our community address the questions

  1. What will advanced computing and networking be able to do for nuclear astrophysics in the coming decade?
  2. What do we need to do to maximize the impact of new capabilities on nuclear astrophysics?

We need your leadership and input on these topics. If you cannot attend this working group session, please send us your thoughts via email.

Frank and Tony

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