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Plenary session with Twitter stream display for comments and questions (left screen). Picture by Yunju Li.

Status, News, Events

The 2012 Nuclear Astrophysics Town meeting was held on October 9-10, 2012 in Detroit, Michigan. 150 scientists participated and provided a wealth of material for a white paper laying out a vision for Nuclear Astrophysics.

A preliminary summary of impressions and findings from the Town meeting will be given at a Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics Mini Town Meeting on October 25, 2012 held at 7:30 pm at the APS/DNP meeting in Newport Beach, CA.

The process of collecting input continues in working groups and among participants. Material collected so far can be found on this wiki.

We are now working on the white paper. As a first step, by October 29 working groups will have generated summary documents, from which a first white paper draft will be generated.


  • If you wish material to be posted please contact the working group for your topical area
  • Use Help Editing link on the left for a quick guide to the essentials on syntax

Town Meeting Goals

  • Identify the compelling (and specific) open questions in nuclear astrophysics and the opportunities to address them in light of the ASTRO2010 and NP2010 decadal surveys and other developments in the field such as new accelerator facilities and observatories.
  • Identify needs in nuclear physics, astronomy, and possibly other areas, as well as needs for cross-disciplinary activities to realize these opportunities.
  • Generate a blue print (white paper) for the future of the field that can serve as input for various assessments and planning exercises, including the next NSAC Nuclear Science Long Range Plan.
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