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-http://​​034/​358/​203/​trimmed/​34358434_34467203_trimmed.jpg +{{panorama_small.jpg?600}} \\ 
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 +[[wiki:​working_groups|Topical areas and working groups]]\\ 
 +[[wiki:​presentations|Plenary Presentations]] \\ 
 +[[wiki:​tweets|Tweets By Plenary Talk]] 
 +[[|Meeting Website]]\\ 
 +[[wiki:​twitter|Twitter Instructions]]\\ 
 +==== History ==== 
 +The 2012 Nuclear Astrophysics Town meeting was held on October 9-102012 in DetroitMichigan150 scientists participated and provided a wealth ​of material ​for a white paper laying out a vision ​for Nuclear Astrophysics. The working group reports ​and presentations have been published on this wiki.  
 +A first white paper draft had been published ​in Spring 2014. At that time, the NSAC Nuclear Science Long Range Plan (LRP) process began, and we were tasked to create ​nuclear astrophysics white paper for that purposeWe decided to use our white paper draft as a starting point of this process, ​and publish a final white paper that will be submitted to NSAC as input to the long range plan, and at the same time serves the community goals we envisioned when we started the process at the 2012 Town Meeting.  
 +Our white paper draft has therefore been discussed ​in a set of working groups at the APS/DNP Town Meeting for Nuclear Astrophysics,​ that was held jointly with the APS/DNP Town meeting for Low Energy Nuclear Physics on August 21-23 at Texas A&M University ​in College StationTexas as part of the NSAC Nuclear Science Long Range Plan processSubsequently working groups have made editsmodifications,​ and additions ​to the text that were merged with other community input.  
 +The White Paper will be submitted ​to NSAC by January 31We also envision a printed version with a professional layout ​to appear at a later date.  
 +==== 2012 Town Meeting Goals ==== 
 +  * Identify the compelling (and specific) open questions ​in nuclear astrophysics and the opportunities ​to address them in light of the ASTRO2010 ​and NP2010 decadal surveys and other developments in the field such as new accelerator facilities and observatories\\ 
 +  * Identify needs in nuclear physicsastronomyand possibly other areasas well as needs for cross-disciplinary activities ​to realize these opportunities. \\ 
 +  * Generate a blue print (white paper) for the future ​of the field that can serve as input for various assessments and planning exercises, including the next NSAC Nuclear Science Long Range Plan\\
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