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PAN@MSU 2020 information can be found here.

Materials marked with year of last update. This information will continue being updated before and throughout the program.

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PAN 2020 Announcement

PAN 2020 Poster

===== Pre-program information ===== PAN 2019 schedule (2019) Map of MSU campus highlighting PAN locations (2019) CATA bus service in East Lansing and Lansing Route 14 from the airport to the CATA Transportation Center, then transfer to Route 1. Exit on Grand River past Abbot, at the north end of campus. It should cost <$2. Local Taxi service PAN rideshare board (coordinate your arrivals/trips from the airport, coming in or going out) PAN@MSU 2019 Facebook group (2019) Dietary information for MSU Cafeterias ==== For Teacher participants ==== Teacher arrival preparations letter (2019) Teacher acceptance letter (2019) You received this in April/May Continuing Education credit information (2016, update coming) Packing List (2019) (some items apply mostly to the students, but you may still want them!) Information about Owen Residence Hall (2019) ==== For students and parents ==== Student arrival preparations letter (2019) Student acceptance letter (2019) (you got this in April/May) PAN@MSU Program Handbook for review by student participants and their parents/guardians (2019) Information about Shaw Residence Hall (2017) Packing List (2019) (one thing to note: if you can't bring a Windows laptop for the nuclear theory exercise, we'll have extras or you can share) Forms - please complete and mail or email to by 6/30. * Minor Permission form to tour NSCL (2019) NOTE: this is REQUIRED, though form text may lead you to think otherwise! * Minor Permission form to conduct experiments in University labs (2019) * Medical Information form (2019) * Housing rules/consent form (2019) * Media Release Form (2019) * Commuter Form (2019) required for students arriving/departing alone or with a specified adult other than parent/guardian * Pre-survey for students (2019) Parent/family Invitation for Friday Poster Session (2019) ===== Background information and readings before PAN! ===== Note: this is not all necessary, but it is all useful Particle Adventure: A review of particle names and families HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Nuclear shell model and Nuclear density and Nuclear Binding Energy HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (all from the extremely useful Hyperphysics site) Learn Nuclear Science with Marbles (downloadable lessons and activities, an introduction to basic concepts) A great summary article on Cosmic Rays A nice glossary of nuclear terminology Play "Isotopolis" now and learn about rare isotope production! An article on the importance of theory Other resources on Nuclear Theory About your host institutions: * NSCL History * Science of NSCL * "Small Matter of Big Science" documentary (featuring NSCL!) * (part 2) * "Rare Isotope Rap", a 5-minute explanation of NSCL through rap. * Science of JINA ===== General Links of Interest ===== From Kirsten Tollefson: - How to Build Your Own Cloud Chamber: - From Fermilab's Symmetry magazine with a nice explanation of what you will see in the cloud chamber and a video on how to make your own using a fish tank: fish tank cloud chamber - A Fermilab video of a 6 year old making her own small cloud chamber using a plastic cup: plastic cup cloud chamber - How to Turn Your Cell Phone into a Cosmic Ray Detector and Become an Astrophysicist: - CRAYFIS - A Popular Science article about the CRAYFIS app (which won a webby award): Yet another cheap homemade cloud chamber - try them all! Journal article about PAN Interesting reading about Dark Matter: "The Cosmic Cocktail" by Katherine Freese NSCL Chart of the Nuclides Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics (JINA), major sponsor of PAN. National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL), major sponsor of PAN. "For the Love of Physics" references/links Jefferson Lab's nuclear science education page Berkeley Lab's introduction to nuclear science Interactive Chart of the Nuclides ===== In-program useful links/documents ===== ==== Week 1 (teachers) ==== === Presentation files === Zach Constan Tour Introduction Stephanie Lyons Nuclear Experimentation slides Isotope Mass Chart for use in calculating Binding Energy Stephanie Lyons Nuclear Experimentation Q&A Marco Cortesi Radiation Detectors slides Marco Cortesi Radiation Detectors Q&A Andrea Richard Gammas Spectroscopy Lab Luke Roberts Nuclear Astrophysics slides * Neutron capture activity - chart (r-process and s-process) * Neutron capture activity - instructions Luke Roberts Nuclear Astrophysics Q&A Mallory Smith Half-Life Lab Elias Aydi Astronomy slides Elias Aydi Astronomy Q&A Jaideep Singh Fundamental Symmetries slides Jaideep Singh Fundamental Symmetries Q&A === Capstone projects === Teacher deliverable info (2019) Lesson/poster/activity shared drive Poster Template (PPT) (2019) Poster Tips (2019) === Supplemental === Oak Ridge resource provided by Teresa Rainey Big poster standard model particles and interactions Zach's Careers in Science talk Introduction to FRIB/NSCL and our FREE outreach opportunities! "How to solder" comic (2019) Geiger counter schematic (2019) Geiger counter assembly instructions (2019) Chemmatters article about nucleosynthesis (from Sally Mitchell, needs updating) Buying marble “nuclei” * Quote for neodymium cores * quote for yellow and green marbles FRIB video on YouTube FRIB/NSCL gift shop R-process model animation NSCL animation Tour intro for college science students edited to remove maps Shared Photo Album for PAN Teachers! Online graphing program submitted by Cathy Farrell === Post-program Surveys === Post-program teacher survey (please complete this before leaving!) ==== Week 2 (students) ==== “[PAN] has very much influenced my choice of major and colleges that I’m applying to. It has improved my understanding of physics and definitely helped me figure out what I want to do with my life.” === Presentation files === Zach Constan Tour Introduction Stephanie Lyons Nuclear Experimentation slides * Isotope Mass Chart for use in calculating Binding Energy Marco Cortesi Radiation Detectors slides Andrea Richard Gammas Spectroscopy Lab * LBNL Database - Nuclear Data website for Gamma Spectroscopy experiment * NuDAT - MORE Nuclear Data for Gamma Spectroscopy experiment Luke Roberts Nuclear Astrophysics slides * Neutron capture activity - chart (r-process and s-process) * Neutron capture activity - instructions Mallory Smith Half-Life Lab Elias Aydi Astronomy slides Nuclear Theory by Alex Brown * Energy Density Functional Theory problems by Alex Brown * Nucleus - the EDFT tool by Alex Brown - Unzip the folder to your c: drive, make sure the folder is “nucleus” * Chart of Nuclides by Alex Brown Jaideep Singh Fundamental Symmetries slides === Posters === Poster Template (PPT) (2019) Poster Template in Google Docs format (2019) Poster Tips (2019) An example of what NOT to do chimPANzees FFA Frying PAN Higgsinos Nuclear PANthers PANdemic PANning for Particles ParticiPANts === Supplemental === Evening plans/chaperone coverage PAN Students Photo Album! A google doc where you can share resources and opportunities (e.g. camps/programs) for PAN students! A discord physics community recommended by Nicole Verboncoeur === Post-program Surveys === PLEASE COMPLETE BOTH Student survey 1 Student survey 2

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