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PAN@MSU 2016 information can be found here. Return to the main PAN page at JINAweb.
NOTE: much of this information has yet to be updated.

Pre-program information

For Teacher participants

For students and parents

Background information and readings before PAN!

From Kirsten Tollefson: - How to Build Your Own Cloud Chamber:

  1. From Fermilab's Symmetry magazine with a nice explanation of what you will see in the cloud chamber and a video on how to make your own using a fish tank: fish tank cloud chamber
  2. A Fermilab video of a 6 year old making her own small cloud chamber using a plastic cup: plastic cup cloud chamber
  3. How to Turn Your Cell Phone into a Cosmic Ray Detector and Become an Astrophysicist: - CRAYFIS
  4. A Popular Science article about the CRAYFIS app (which won a webby award this year):

Yet another cheap homemade cloud chamber - try them all!

Interesting reading about Dark Matter: “The Cosmic Cocktail” by Katherine Freese

NSCL Chart of the Nuclides

Map of NSCL

NSCL Tour introduction slides

CCF animation to go with tour introduction slides

Marble Nuclei documents download site

Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics (JINA), major sponsor of PAN.

National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL), major sponsor of PAN.

"Small Matter of Big Science" documentary (featuring NSCL!) (part 2)

"Rare Isotope Rap", a 5-minute explanation of NSCL through rap.

"For the Love of Physics" references/links

Jefferson Lab's nuclear science education page

Berkeley Lab's introduction to nuclear science

Interactive Chart of the Nuclides

Inexpensive cosmic ray detector for the classroom

MIT Lesson Plan Form

MYP Unit Planner

**Week 1 (teachers)**

Presentation files and Q&A docs



Post-program Surveys

**Week 2 (students)**

Presentation files



Post-program Surveys

Post-survey 1

Post-survey 2


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