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PAN@MSU 2013 information can be found here. Return to the main PAN page at JINAweb.

Pre-program information

Modular Neutron Array readings (before PAN!)

“I loved the access that we had to world-class researchers who came and gave us lectures. Having this camp here on-site allows for this kind of collaboration which you do not always get with professional development. I really enjoyed being surrounded by colleagues who asked great questions, too. I am really excited about nuclear science and am avidly working to incorporate it more into my curriculum as enhancements to our standard depth of material.”

Week 1 (teachers)

Experiment files



Alpha Atomics


Arraying PANtastics


SPF Team 6

Team Omega

“This camp was absolutely incredible. I can't imagine it going any better than it did. From the fellow PANers to the leaders and graduate students everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. I'm so fortunate that I was chosen to come here and I think down the road it will have a clear significant impact on my life. I'm planning on staying friends with the people I've met and hopefully collaborating in the future for our quest of scientific knowledge. This camp has drastically improved my self confidence when it comes to my intellectual capabilities and the opportunities I can see myself achieving. I hope you continuing having PAN for the foreseeable future and I will definitely help out with it when I become distinguished in my field. I also want to thank JINA, NSCL, PAN, Zach Constan, Mr. McCreight, the graduate students, and Micha Kilburn.”

Week 2 (students)

Experiment files



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