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PAN 2008 has finished. To learn more about what went on during the two-week program, browse the pictures, lectures, and student presentations below.

Lecture Slideshows/Notes

Student Group Posters



Many thanks to PAN Faculty and Staff for making this year's program possible!

Program coordinators:

Remco Zegers, Hendrik Schatz, David McCreight, Mary Dewitt, Zach Constan and Lindsay Hebeler


Thomas Baumann, Daniel Bazin, Abigail Bickley, Scott Bogner, Ed Brown, Scott Bogner, and Michael Thoennessen

MoNA Technical Staff:

Artemis Spyrou and Amy Deline

Graduate assistants:

Carol Guess, Micha Kilburn, and Jesse Snyder

REU assistants:

Holly Brown, Adam Fritsch, Mike Heim, Anna Schuh,Aimee Shore, and Shawna Uher

Tour guide:

Micha Kilburn

Computer guru:

Steve Beher

Congratulations to all the teachers and students who participated in PAN this summer!

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