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PAN 2007 has finished! To learn more about what went on during the two-week program, browse the pictures, lectures, and student presentations below.

PAN students prepare a radioactive source for use in the lab.

Lecture Slideshows/Notes

Kryzstof Starosta: Introduction to Nuclear Science

Kryzstof Starosta: Introduction to JINA

Michael Thoennessen: Nuclear Experiments

Zachary Constan: Marble Nuclei lesson

David Morrissey: Detector Physics

Edward Brown: Type Ia Supernovae

Hendrik Schatz: Cosmic Rays

Wolfgang Bauer: Nuclear Theory

Remco Zegers: Radioactive Decay

Hendrik Schatz: Nuclear Astrophysics

Zachary Constan: NSCL Tour Introduction

Student Group Presentations



Many thanks to the PAN Staff for making the program possible.

Program coordinators:

Remco Zegers, Hendrik Schatz, David McCreight, Mary Dewitt, Zach Constan and John Raguse


Ed Brown, Wolfgang Bauer, Kris Starosta, Scott Pratt, Michael Thoennessen and David Morrissey

Technical assistants:

Greg Pang, Heather Crawford, Andrew Rogers and those who helped in the Electronics Department

Tour guides:

Wes Hitt and Carol Guess

Computer guru:

Keith Eason

Scintillator guru:

John Yurkon

Congratulations to all the teachers and students who participated in PAN this summer!

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