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 +**PAN 2005 has finished. To learn more about what went on during the two-week program, browse the pictures, lectures, and student presentations below.
 +===== Lecture Slideshows/​Notes =====
 +Beers: {{:​beers.ppt|Astronomy}}
 +Benenson: [[http://​​files/​Benenson.pdf|E=mc2]]
 +Duguet: {{:​jinavt.ppt|JINA Virtual Tour}}
 +Mantica: [[http://​​files/​Mantica.pdf|Detector Physics]]
 +Nunes: [[http://​​files/​Nunes.pdf|Halo Nuclei]]
 +Schatz: {{:​schatz01.ppt|Cosmic Rays}}
 +Schatz: {{:​schatz03.ppt|Nuclear Astrophysics}} ({{:​chart_exercise.ppt|chart exercise}}) ([[http://​​files/​real_chart.pdf|chart of the nuclides]])
 +Schatz: {{:​schatz02.doc|Statistics}}
 +Thoennessen:​ [[http://​​files/​Thoennessen.pdf|Nuclear Experimentation]]
 +Zegers: {{:​intro.ppt|Introduction to Nuclear Science}}
 +===== Student Group Posters =====
 +{{:​blueexp.ppt|Blue Group}}
 +{{:​pinkexp.ppt|Pink Group}}
 +{{:​purpleexp.ppt|Purple Group}}
 +{{:​redexp.ppt|Red Group}}
 +{{:​yellowexp.ppt|Yellow Group}}
 +===== Pictures =====
 +===== Acknowledgements =====
 +Many thanks to PAN Faculty and Staff for making this year's program possible!
 +=== Program coordinators:​ ===
 +Remco Zegers, Hendrik Schatz, David McCreight, Suzanne Coshow, and Orilla McHarris
 +=== Lecturers: ===
 +Timothy Beers, Thomas Duguet, Paul Mantica, Hendrik Schatz, Michael Thoennessen,​ Walter Benenson, Remco Zegers, and Filomena Nunes
 +Congratulations to all the teachers and students who participated in PAN this summer!
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