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The Experiment

At 4:00 we proceeded to the test area to set up our experiment. We immediately found a problem with our scintillator since one of the scintillating panels were not functioning. After a phone call to our helpful concierge(Dr. Constan), we obtained a different instrument. The instrument was tested briefly in Dr. Constan's office and we returned to the location of the experiment.

More Troubles… After setting up the new instrument, we began taking data. To our chagrin,we found that the new instrument was not functioning properly either. Like the other instrument, one of the scintillating panels did not seem to be working. Since we were already after hours, it was decided to take data with one scintillating panel. Here's the data that was obtained. The numbers seemed close to the numbers that we collected when running the test trial in the lab room. However, we were concerned with the fact that we were not taking coincidence readings. The plan was to talk to Dr.'s Constan or Kilburn at dinner…. well…

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