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M.A.L.L.—-Michigan Astrophysics Learning League: Lars Londot, Matt Lewis, Andrew Cochrane, and Laurie Blevins

Our week at PAN!

Day 1 highlights

The NSCL facility at MSU and the layout of the lab

Marble nuclei activity

Tour of NSCL

Lecture on (MoNA -LISA) with Artemis Spyrou

MoNA - LISA and a chart of the Nuclides

Day 2 Highlights

Lecture on Cosmic Ray Detectors

Developed our experiment: Silence of the Cosmic Rays

Our research proposal: pan_pac_mall.docx

Day 3 Highlights

Lecture: How to make Bling-Bling (gold)

Pictures from our research experiment:

Us outside the Shaw parking garage collecting background data.

Top level data collection and our awesome cosmic ray detector!

On our way to the lower levels and basement level data collection.

Our Experiment Data Table


Day 4 Highlights

Lecture: Astronomy

Magnificent M.A.L.L. group poster


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