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Cosmic Enthusiasts

My institution holds an Early AP program starting August 20, 2012. To excite my students about Physics I showed the Youtube video “Small Matter and Big Science” (short film).

Manju P.

The Cosmic Enthusiasts

Our Question: Are cosmic radiation levels higher during the day than at night?

Here is our proposal… panproposalcosmicenthu_final.doc

Here is some background reading…cosmicnotes.doc

Below is pictured a scintillator like the one we used.

Scintillator Similar to One Used

frame|Scintillator Similar to One Used

Problems with the Scintillator

It should be noted that we had these problems with the scintillator…

  • during the in-class experiment… a loose upper paddle
  • 073112 4:00 PM.When beginning the experiment… a lower paddle that didn't work..
  • 2nd device obtained…A lower paddle that didn't work after 3 trials… continued with upper paddle reading
  • 073112 9:00 PM After 3 trials the upper paddle began taking data at a much quicker rate. Continued taking 10 trials. Then switched to coincidence. Took 4 trials of good information. Then machine began acting erratically again.
  • 080112 5:00AM After 5 trials with coincidence, the machine began erratically. Paddles were readjusted. Trial 11's upper panel seemed to be reading too low.

Photos of Setup,and Test Location

Here is a view from the 6th floor Owen East Dormitory Balcony from where the data was taken. The balcony faces to the south.

The Expermental Setup

A close-up highlighting the foiled covered scintillator panels

The Experiment Continues

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